City of Bologna and its real estate market

What you call city of Bologna is a big thing that runs from Parma to Cattolica…
where people lives in Modena, work in Bologna and, during their nights, go dancing in Rimini.
It’s a strange metropolis that widens from the Adriatic Sea to the Appennines”

from Carlo Lucarelli

Something about

The city of Bologna has got about 380.000 citizens
and is located between Appennines and the Po river valley,
into an area that hosts more than 1 milion people.

It’s a magic land, loved all over Italy and
increasingly visited by people from all over the world.
Bologna is the economical, cultural and hystorical center of this great place
and it represents the meeting of the four corners of the country.

A place where traditions are mixed with modern to create
one of the best places in the world to live or work in.

In this page we’ll also talk about
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Immobiliare a Bologna centro ASE

Bologna is beautiful

It’s  geographical position is reflected in its soul,
from the dawn of time riot of art, music and architecture…
all mixed toghether in an atmosphere that warms souls and hearts

The first settlements are very ancient, about the first millenium. The city came under the control of Etruscans, Celts, Romans until the arrival of the Middle Ages era. It was an importan urban center, the northern capital of the Papal State since ‘500 and played a key role during Risorgimento. Bologna was also an important center of the Resistance during the second world war.

Every step that the city of Bologna has made in the ages, resufaces in the vibrations that every stone spears intensely to each person who moves through its streets, wrapped..its soul and its architecture will leave you breathless.

In Bologna you can find the oldest University in the Wester world, conventionally founded in the year 1088 and nowadays considered one of the most important University of Europe, choosen every year by thousands of young Italians and Foreigners.

Its essence, its energy, the vibrations emanated from the walls of its ancient buildings hit hearts and make the city more popular day by day.

Reading this few lines, you surely have just figured the huge amount of cultural and hystorical sites that you can find in the city.

Bologna wouldn’t be Bologna without the tribute of every soul that has walked on its streets since the dawn of time.

Sarcofago etrusco

The Sarcophagus of the Spouses exhibited in the city of Bologna

library in the city of Bologna

Universitary library
city of Bologna

You’ll be always

Hospitality and friendliness are a must, Bologna will enter your heart and will never leave it.
You can easily understand why tourism in Bologna is
extremely increasing day after day.
Nowadays people from all over the word are
consacrating the city as a benchmark in Europe.

Let’s see some other features of the city of Bologna

shop in the city of Bologna

History and

Don’t forget the great culinary tradition that distinguishes the city and the territory.

Products like Mortadella, Lasagne and Tortellini
are copied and envied around the whole world

Human scaled city, is also famous for its arcades and towers
wich represent an important cultural and architectural heritage for the city
You can walk nearly 40 kms of arcades in the hystorical center of the city.
Thanks to their artistic relevance, arcades are candidates as “world heritage” from UNESCO.

ASE immobiliare Bologna

Panum Resus
Via Zamboni 33, Palazzo Poggi

Church of San Luca city of Bologna

Church of San Luca
another symbol of the city of Bologna

Nowadays Bologna is a young and cosmopolitan city, rich in nightlife and many kind of events, with an amazing amount of amousements  and exhibitions about art and entertainement… concerts, clubs, restaurants and much more. You will surely enjoy your time here.

Top quality life-style, friendly and open-minded people, amazing food, huge amount of theaters and cinemas, a great University…these are only a little part of what you will find in our city…it’s time for you to visit us.

You will surely fall in love with our city visiting our historical sites and our squares in wich you will be able to meet people from all over the world!

All this without forgetting the magnificent hilly area around the city that has nothing to envy to the most well-known Tuscany.

In the area around the city there is also a great industrial and economical activity that guarantee to the land more richness and many chance to continue growing in a not too far future.

Bologna is also one of the most gay-friendly city of Italy that confirms how much open-minded and modern our land is

Bologna is the right place for people who want an high-quality life.

Asking a Bolognese why he loves Bologna,

he will surely answer:

« It’s like asking
why i love my mother »


when in a rainy day you look above you and see our woderful arcades
it’s like to see the sun.


when in a summer evening you walk along the streets of the center, it seems to walk along the hystory


when you look at the city from S.Luca’s Church, your heart beats strong


when you are in Piazza Maggiore
you feel like you’re in the center of the world

Parco Bologna

Bologna is the center of

Thanks to its geographical position, Bologna is the perfect place
from where you can easily reach many other wonderful parts of the Region like Adriatic coast,
really famous all over the world for nightlife and enterteinement, or
awsome hystorical cities like Venezia, Firenze, Roma, Milano.

All of them are easily accessible by car or by train in no time at all.

The Adriatic coast is world-widely recognized as a great choice for summer holidays since the end of the second world war.

Cities like Rimini, Riccione, Cesenatico offer a huge amout of turistic attractions like full-service beaches, best night clubs of the country, wonderful theme parks (Mirabilandia, OltreMare, Acquafan) and a really alive enterteinment scene.

Living in Bologna means living in the whole Region and means being able to visit different places every day. Being in Bologna allows you to live in the same day the city, the sea and the mountains

Milano, Firenze, Venezia e Roma are all reachable in no time at all, by car or by a really good railway network.

Bologna has gota really good international airport too, called Gugliemo Marconi in the honour of the great Italian physicist  ed inventor , that was born in Bologna in the year 1874.

You can reach Bologna from London, Bruxelles, Berlin, Paris, Kiev, Prague with less than 2 hours flight, and also many other countries with no problem at all.

Bologna is definitely one of the best places in Italy.

What are you
waiting for?

Pineta - Milano Marittima

Pineta By Visionnaire
V.le Romagna, 66 – Milano Marittima

city of bologna airport

City of Bologna international airport “Guglielmo Marconi” BLQ

tipical buildings city of Bologna

The Real Estate

The city and the surrounding area offer the opportunity to buy any type of property. Luxury apartments in the heart of the old town, country villas or on enchanting hills. All this without forgetting the possibility of investing in shops and showrooms in the major streets rented to famous brands that guarantee profitability up to 10% of the investment.

Asinelli tower city of Bologna

“Garisenda” and “Asinelli” towers symbols of the city of Bologna

The price dropping of the last 5 years has certainly attracted the attention of foreing investors and investment funds that in the last 3 years have duplicated investments in the area while the beauty and the strong character of the city has favored an exponential increasement in the number of residential purchases by buyers from all over the world.

Residential properties prices in the city of Bologna are really various depending from the location and the type of property.

From a minimum of 1500€ each square meter up to over 6000€ for luxury objects located in hystorical buildings in the center of the city or on the best hilly locations.

How to buy a

. 01


Over 80% of the high-end real estate market is managed by professional realtors. It is a good practice to rely on a single agent who carries out the selection of real estate to suit your needs. He will also require the support of other realtors to bring as many opportunities as possible to your attention. The better you will describe him your perfect propery the better he will do his work. Not all agencies provide a property finding service, choose the best for you.

. 02


Don’t forget that in Italy you have to pay not really cheap taxes to buy a property (from 2% to 10% of the price), You will have also to pay a Notary, who is the pubblic officer that will write the buying contract, and the broker that has founded your perfect property. Brokerage fees usually are quantified between 2%+VAT and 5%+vat of the price, depending from the realtor and the kind of property.

. 03


A good realtor will provide you with all the technical and legal checks on the property you are buying. This will require the intervention of an architect especially for the technical part. The latter will surely also help you in the subsequent restoration or to adapt the property to your needs. Make sure your realtor can provide you with all the necessary professionals and provide you with budget estimates.

. 04


If you’ve choosen a good Broker, for sure he will be able to provide you all the professionals you need, like architects, lawyers, interior designers.. The same, ask before choosing him, many realtors don’t provide these services.

. 05


Once you’ve founded the right property for you, there are 3 main steps to complete your mission. The buying proposal, the preliminary sale contract, and the act of transfer of ownership. The first is made in partnership with the broker that has worked with you in the property finding, the other two need a Notary. A Notary is the pubblic officer that ensure the identity of parts.

. 06


It’s a document in wich you explain to the seller all the futures about you intention to buy that property, like the price you offer, dates, special features or needings. If the seller accepts those conditions, you will go on with other two steps..if not, you can change buying conditions or you can say “bye bye” without spending money at all. Usually, while you write the proposal you will give the broker a bank check made payable to the seller, that will be given you back if the proposal is refused. Again. if the proposal has been refused, no fee to your realtor.

. 07


Differently from the proposal, this need the presence of a public officer that checks the identity of seller and buyer to ensure the legality of transactions. A relation of an architect is totally recomended in this step. Usually when you sign this contract, you also pay a first amount of the price (20% about) and the fee to your broker. The preliminary contract integrates and gives more legal strongness to what contained in the proposal.

. 08


It’s the document that completes the buying activities. From this moment you are the owner of the property. During this you will pay the rest of the price, buying taxes, and the Notary bill but from now you can enjoy your property

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